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Farleigh Foundation

Founded in 2015, the Farleigh Foundation is an annual scholarship for 11-18 year old golfers with potential. Mirroring our sister club’s long-time programme, the Foxhills Foundation, which has bred the likes of Paul Casey and Anthony Wall, recipients are provided with an annual membership, range tokens, PGA tuition and County and EGU fees. Selection takes place each October; news of 2016’s selection process will be posted on our News & Events pages.


2015/16 Scholars


Age: 13
Handicap: 8
Meeting new people of different ages and representing the Club in matches is great fun. When my game clicks it gives me the best feeling ever!




Age : 11
Handicap: 22
My favourite part of golf is making new friends and I love the noise that comes from striking the ball with the very middle of the clubface!




Age: 16
Handicap: 2
There’s always more with golf, you are forever learning and improving.




Age: 17
Handicap: 2
The feeling after hitting an amazing shot isn’t like anything else. It’s great being able to represent the Club in local competitions.




Age: 11
Handicap: 21
Meeting new people through playing in competitions is what I love about golf. Not to mention the bacon baps at the Club taste lovely!